We have a nice job for You!

If you question yourself: why would I choose Dreman employment agency?
you should start with the most important qualities that distinguish us from others:

  • Dreman is the largest employment agency in Opolskie Voivodeship and one of the largest in Poland!
  • We have huge experience - we've been present on the Polish market for almost 10 years
  • We take care of all formalities for you (including visas or work permits), free of charge!
  • Health and safety training and medical examinations are also covered by us
  • Our employees are recruited to well-known companies all over Poland
  • We offer free accommodation and transport to the workplace
  • We have a wide range of job offers with attractive employment conditions
  • You can count on us - Payment into your bank account is always on time!

Super team

Our employees are known as a "super professionals" that with the support of agency, can move mountains!

The job positions they occupy across the country include many industries:
- Logistics (warehousemen, forklift operators, packers, parcel sorters )
- Manufacturing (production line operators, machine and plant operators, fitters)
- Steel industry (welders, locksmiths, CNC operators)
- Catering and hotel industry (chefs and kitchen assistants, waiters, bartenders, receptionists)
- Agriculture (Agricultural machine operators, harvest helpers, sorters, manual labourers)

Open to the world!

We are a trustworthy employment agency that operates in more than a dozen markets worldwide.
We look forward to have you onboard!.